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      HM-QB1310 Molded pulp tray trimming machine
      HM-QB1310 Molded pulp tray trimming machine HM-QB1310 Molded pulp tray trimming machine
      • Commodity name:

        HM-QB1310 Molded pulp tray trimming machine
      • Shelf time:

        2021-11-20 10:56:51
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      • Automatic rigid box machine, rigid box line, Set up box machine, cardboard box machine, mobile phone box machine,paper box machine, cosmetic box machine
      • Details of the product

      Product Description :

      This machine is used to separate the product and the waste edge after forming the continuous mold or single mold edge folding product. It has high power and automation, and is suitable for the product trimming process in the molded pulp tray automated production line.

      Process flow: 

      1,The machine adopts high quality carbon steel after welding and then annealing process to ensure stable performance。

      2,Adopt hydraulic system gamete mother cylinder structure, take into account the requirements of speed and pressure.

      3,Separation of finished waste products, facilitate the processing of products.

      4,Adopt PLC+ touch screen man-machine control system to set production parameters.

      5,Auto error stop and display。 6,Robto Feed for automatic Line (option)。


      Proudction Flow:


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