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      Die-cutting machine which causes pressure decreases

      Cutting machine less pressure there are several possible reasons:

           1 belt is too loose. Should be appropriate to tighten, making proper tightness.

           2 clutch friction surfaces incursion into oil or grease. Shall be landed on, gasoline, steel wire brush to clean the friction surface due to wear and slippage, it should be trimmed.

           3 brake gap is too small, often in the braking state. Shall promptly adjust the gap reached :0.8-1 .5 mm.

           4 due to lack of oil, resulting in a burned bearing, axle phenomenon.
            5 Input voltage should be normal, transformers, rectifiers, relays, contactors working properly, the contacts intact without ablation phenomenon, then press each thread should be firm, brush and slip ring good contact, otherwise will cause the cutting pressure decreases .

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