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      Automatic cover machine market environment will affect the relationship

      As users of the technical characteristics of automatic cover machine gradual deepening of understanding and demonstration use , led to domestic enterprises have turned to production of automatic cover machine .
      Automatic Folding Machine ( Cover Machine ) is a company with completely independent intellectual property rights of new products :
      1, to improve the positioning accuracy of cardboard automatic correction device .
      The implementation of the patent , so that the positioning accuracy of cardboard t0.5mm less strictly controlled , completely solve the problems of the industry for many years hardcover positioning is not accurate historical problems.
      2, to improve delivery of cardboard sheet conveying speed of the circulating means .
      The implementation of the patent , changing only one machine on the market cover sheet feeder to send the status quo , the use of multiple sets of feeder loop delivery board , greatly improving the speed of production .
      3, using flatbed processes automatic wrapping machines .
      The implementation of the patent , so that the effect edging firmer surface scratches greatly reduced, so that the products look more beautiful.
      Automatic cover machine ( cover machine ) equipment sales have been growing rapidly , the rise in this period where a number of automatic cover machine equipment manufacturing enterprises,
      Produce thousands of machines to meet the application 's automatic cover machine . Maintaining automatic cover machine sales growth . Because of the variety of the domestic market promotion, display , universal access and user training , but also greatly put automatic cover machine market by expanding broadened to domestic users using this advanced manufacturing technology of confidence and determination , led to automatic cover machine can be more widely used in the external environment , which is what we often say that market affects .

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