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      Green printing is the new road

          Now promote green and sustainable development mainstream era. To this end, print-related enterprises attach importance to the concept of environmental protection , and vigorously promote the conservation of resources , the realization of recycling economy green printing is unwavering forward direction . While over in the green printing industry practice has achieved many important results, but overall, to promote the work remains to be done .
          Currently many small and medium sized printing companies still follow the previous mode of production, was not able to keep up with the trend of the times . Publicity green printing is not just one or two companies can influence , but to further publicize the concept of green printing , green printing has become the consensus of the whole society .
          Currently, most of the enterprises are faced with a problem, it is the rise in raw materials , labor costs also rose , but the customers are on demand lower prices. Faced with this situation , many companies are under greater pressure. For this situation , companies how to change the current predicament of senior business leaders should take the road of innovation , playing safe tendency toward social development . Only the first mastered the forward direction guide , businesses in the financial crisis in order to rise from the ashes .
          Green printing is the new path.

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